Blood Bait

Tuesday May 16, 2017

Mr Pest Control


Probably as I write this, bed bug bait is already in the works. We already have bait available for other insects and rodents. I know it takes money and time to get products to the market, but I’m still surprised at why this is taking so long. There are some wonderful lure traps on the market now. Maybe they will take the lure formula, mix it with "x" material and we can place it like other gel baits?

Kevin, OK

Mr Pest Control


Baits need an effective active ingredient and a food matrix that a pest will eat. I don’t think finding an effective active ingredient is the problem. It’s the food matrix. You have to consider what a pest will eat and how it will eat it. Most insect pests and rodents are omnivorous and chew their food. Bed bugs only eat blood and have piercing/sucking mouthparts. Besides a live animal or fresh blood from a live animal, I’m not innovative enough to imagine a delivery system that would work. Add to that, we’re talking about blood or something similar, which I don’t think people would accept placements of around their living or work space.

Mr. Pest Control

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