United Airlines passengers are now being attacked by SCORPIONS

Article repurposed from http://www.newsgrio.com/?p=75847

A United Airlines flight was delayed for several hours in Texas after reports of a scorpion crawling out of a passenger’s clothes.

Passengers say United Flight 1035 was evacuated on Thursday at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston following the scorpion sighting.

The flight, which was headed for Quito, Ecuador was delayed for three hours.

News of the scorpion incident got out when passengers started tweeting about the ordeal.

‘The captain of my flight just told us it’s a scorpion on the plane???!!!!! Good job United!’ Daniel Dueñas tweeted.

Another passenger claimed on Twitter that ‘flight 1035 from Houston to Ecuador evacuated due to a scorpion stinging a passenger’.

United, however, said no one was stung by the scorpion.

‘Houston to Quito flight 1035 returned to the gate after a scorpion reportedly emerged from a customer’s clothing,’ the airline said in a statement.

‘Paramedics at the gate immediately examined the customer and determined that he had not been stung. The customer declined further medical treatment and, as a precaution, a new aircraft was arranged.

‘We provided all passengers with a meal voucher due to the delay and the flight, with the customer aboard, has departed for Quito.’

It comes a month after a passenger on another flight out of Houston was stung by a scorpion when it fell on the man’s head from an overhead bin.

The passenger, Richard Bell, was stung when he picked the creature up after it landed on his plate.

Another passenger then stomped on the scorpion before it was thrown in a toilet.