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Pest Information

Lawn Shrimp

Lawn Shrimp

  • Latin Name: Talitroides sylvaticus
  • Common Name: Lawn Shrimp
  • Latin Family Name: Talitridae
  • Other Names: Beach fleas, land shrimp

Pest Details

Lawn Shrimp
Lawn Shrimp


Possibly native to the western United States, as they are found in California and Louisiana and possibly other states, as well as in Australia and on some Pacific islands and Hawaii.


These small shrimp-like animals are related to the tiny shrimp that may be found by turning over piles of vegetation on ocean beaches. They occasionally are found living in very damp habitats in vegetation around structures, and when caused to move due to changes in their living conditions can invade structures in large numbers. Their cuticle lacks a waterproof, waxy layer, and thus they are susceptible not only to drying out but also to drowning if too much water is encountered.


The amphipods are flattened from side to side (laterally) and have a strongly curved body. When living they are a brown color, but they turn red once they die. They have 7 pairs of legs, with several pairs greatly elongated. They also have a pair of very long cerci at the tail end. Their size is up to about ½ inch in length.

Characteristicts Important to Control:

Over-watering of landscape is the chief reason these harmless animals become structural invaders, although rainfall also may drive them to migrate. Proper maintenance of landscape moisture along with elimination of unnecessary materials on the soil will reduce the populations.

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