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Showing 7 types of SNAILS AND SLUGS

Banana Slug

Latin Name: Ariolimacidae

Latin Family Name: Arionidae

Native to the west coast states in the U.S., north into Alaska, and south to central California. It is particularly common in the Coast Range mountains but also occurs in the Sierra Nevada.

Brown Garden Snail

Latin Name: Cantareus Aspersus

Latin Family Name: Helicidae

Intentionally introduced from France as a gourmet food, this snail was “planted” in vineyards in Central California and other areas. It found the climate to its liking without natural predators and spread rapidly along the West Coast into Canada, east to the East Coast and south into Florida, where it is occasionally found but has not established itself yet.

Decollate snail

Latin Name: Rumina sp.

The important Rumina decollate is native to the Mediterranean.

Giant African land snail

Latin Name: Achatina fulica

The snail is native to East Africa but is now established in many other areas of the world, including Hawaii. In the mainland U.S. it is intercepted occasionally but has only been found living in Florida, where eradication efforts are undertaken. Unfortunately this large, attractive snail is often sold and traded as a “pet” for aquariums or garden ponds, making its management more difficult. It was first found in Hawaii in 1936 but by the time its presence was recognized it had established itself, and by 1958 was on most of the Hawaiian islands.

Gray garden slug

Latin Name: Deroceras reticulatum

This species is native to Europe and North Africa but due to transport on plants and soils it now is found throughout much of the world. It is widespread in the U.S. and southern Canada as well as in Hawaii.

Greenhouse slug

Latin Name: Milax gagates

This species is native to southern Europe but now is found throughout most of the world. In the U.S. it occurs in eastern states as well as along the west coast and Hawaii, where it is causing serious damage to rare native plants.

White garden snail

Latin Name: Theba pisana

The snail is native to Europe and north Africa but now has been found throughout the world as an invasive exotic pest. It was first found in North America in southern California in 1914 and may still be confined to California in the U.S. However, it also is present in Bermuda and the Canary Islands.

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