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Showing 13 types of LIZARDS AND SNAKES

Alligator lizard

Latin Name: Elgaria sp.

Latin Family Name: Anguidae

These are native lizards in western North America. The Southern alligator lizard occurs from Washington to Baja California but is more coastal, while the Northern alligator lizard is widespread from the Rocky Mountains to the West Coast and from British Columbia south to Mexico. There are a number of subspecies that may have differing appearances and coloration.

Brown tree snake

Latin Name: Boiga irregularis

This snake is native to Australia, New Guinea, and nearby island countries, but has been transported with materials to many other countries. It is notorious for having been imported into the island of Guam after World War II, probably in ship cargo, and in this new habitat devastated native bird populations as well as many other of the forest vertebrate species on that island that had no defense against this arboreal snake.

Burmese python

Latin Name: Python molurus bivittatus

This snake is native to Southeast Asia, but was introduced into southern Florida around 1979, likely as a “pet” snake released by its owner when it got too big to keep. It now is firmly entrenched in The Everglades in Florida and has caused serious environmental harm to native species of animals there. The current population in The Everglades is estimated to be as high as 180,000 pythons as of 2012. It’s range has expanded to northern Florida as well as into Puerto Rico. Ironically, they are considered Endangered in their native areas in Southeast Asia due to over-hunting.

Common house gecko

Latin Name: Hemidactylus frenatus

This is a native of Southeastern Asia, but now can be found throughout the world in tropical and sub-tropical countries and regions. It is found

Copperhead snake

Latin Name: Agkistrodon contortrix

This venomous snake is a native of North America and occurs in the southeast U.S. from Florida north to Massachusetts and west to Texas and Nebraska, with at least 5 different subspecies.

Coral snake

Latin Name: Micrurus spp.

These are native snakes in the southern U.S., and the only two species north of Mexico. Several dozen other species in the same genus occur throughout Central and South America, and their color patterns will differ.

Fence lizards

Latin Name: Sceloporus sp.

Latin Family Name: Phrynosomatidae

These are native lizards in North America with the Eastern fence lizard found east of the Mississippi River and the Western fence lizard in the western U.S. from western Utah to the West Coast, north into Oregon and south to Baja California. A number of subspecies occur for both species.

Gila monster

Latin Name: Heloderma suspectum

This large lizard is native to southern Arizona and the neighboring northern Mexico state of Sonora. It is a legally protected species in Arizona. It is found uncommonly in the Southwest deserts in Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

Green anaconda

Latin Name: Eunectes murinus

This snake is native to South America, but several captures have been made in Florida where it likely had been pet animals released by their owners. As of 2012 it was not yet considered to be established and breeding in wild areas in Florida.

Green iguana

Latin Name: Iguana iguana

Latin Family Name: Iguanidae

The green iguana is native to tropical Latin America, but has been a common species brought in and sold as pets. Escaped or released iguanas are now firmly established in south Florida and in Hawaii, where they are causing some notable problems. They feed on ornamental plants, and a single adult iguana can cause serious damage to plantings. They dig burrows into lawns, gardens, and possibly into banks of waterways where they may undermine the integrity of that levee. Their fecal material is copious and smelly, and with their tendency to defecate in water they may use swimming pools or drinking water supplies for this purpose.

Mexican beaded lizard

Latin Name: Heloderma horridum

This lizard is native to Mexico and south into Guatemala. A number of subspecies are recognized.


Latin Name: Crotalus sp.

These are native snakes in North America with over 30 species and many more subspecies known.

Water moccasin

Latin Name: Agkistrodon piscivorus

This is a native species in the U.S. and ranges from Virginia to Florida, west to Texas, and north into Illinois and Indiana.

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