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Showing 17 types of BIRDS

Barn swallow

Latin Name: Hirundo rustica

These are native birds in North America where they are found from Alaska to Mexico and across the U.S. and western Canada. This species also occurs in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Brewer's Blackbird

Latin Name: Euphagus Cyanocephalus

Latin Family Name: Icteridae

These birds are native to North America, and are found widely on the continent. The red-winged blackbird is thought to be one of the most abundant bird species in the U.S., and is a serious pest on grain crops in the Midwest and upper Midwest.

Brown-headed cowbird

Latin Name: Molothrus ater

This is a native bird that can be found throughout the U.S., the southern half of Canada, and south into Mexico. It migrates from Canada to spend the winters in the U.S. At one time it was restricted primarily to the Central Plains where it lived in association with herds of buffalo, feeding on insects disturbed by the buffalo. However, due to changes in the populations of these animals the cowbird has expanded its range dramatically and now affects many birds and many regions it formerly did not.

Canada Goose

Latin Name: Branta canadensis

Latin Family Name: Anatidae

Native to North America, with breeding populations found in every province of Canada and in all of the continental United States.

Chimney swift

Latin Name: Chaetura pelagica

These are native, migrating birds in North America.

Cliff swallow

Latin Name: Hirundo pyrrhonota

These are native birds in North America where they are found from Alaska to Mexico and across the U.S. and western Canada.

Common Crow

Latin Name: Corvus Brachyrhynchus

Latin Family Name: Corvidae

The American Crow is native to North America, and can be found from southern Canada south and throughout the United States. Crows migrate south from colder climates to over-winter in more southern and milder states.

Common grackle

Latin Name: Quiscalus quiscula

This is a native bird found throughout the Midwest and Eastern U.S. and southern Canada.

Downy woodpecker

Latin Name: Dendrocopos pubescens

This is a native bird in North America and is one of the most common species of woodpecker, ranging from Alaska across southern Canada and throughout all of the U.S.

English Sparrow

Latin Name: Passer domesticus

Latin Family Name: Ploceidae

Native to Eurasia and Africa, but due to its ability to live close to humans made its way to Europe, and from there was introduced to the U.S. in 1854 by European settlers who wanted the familiar bird living with them when they emigrated. Now found nearly throughout the world, and the most common sparrow-like bird in many areas of the U.S.

European Starling

Latin Name: Sturnus Vulgaris

Latin Family Name: Sturnidae

Originally found throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa, this species was deliberately introduced into the United States in 1890. The most often repeated story is that a bird lover brought in 100 of the birds from Europe with the desire that all species mentioned in Shakespeare’s works would be present in the New World. Starlings have been deliberately introduced into other parts of the world as well, either for aesthetic reasons or in the hope they would be of biological insect control value, which they are not.

Feral Pigeon Or Rock Dove

Latin Name: Columba Livea

Latin Family Name: Columbidae

Possibly originally native to eastern Asia, and taken to Europe for sporting uses many centuries ago. European immigrants then brought the pigeon to North America in the early 1600’s, where it now is found throughout the U.S and into southern Canada, south throughout Mexico, and essentially worldwide.

Finches, Grosbeaks, and Crossbills

Latin Name: Fringillidae

Latin Family Name: Fringillidae

Native to western North America, but introduced to the eastern states of the U.S. as well as into Hawaii. Its presence in northeastern states was caused by the release of illegally caged birds in 1940, and these populations now migrate south during cold months, which western populations do not do.


Latin Name: Colaptes sp.

This is a native bird in North America. They are a migratory bird that occurs from Alaska to southern Mexico and throughout the entire U.S. and most of Canada. In the northern regions, including Alaska and Canada, they are present only during the summer months, migrating south to the U.S. or Mexico for the winters.

Red-headed woodpecker

Latin Name: Melanerpes erythrocephalus

This is a native bird found throughout the entire eastern 2/3 of the U.S. and extreme southern Canada. Its numbers have declined in recent years and its status is classified as Near-Threatened.


Latin Name: Larus spp.

Latin Family Name: Laridae

Seagulls are found throughout the world, in a wide variety of species, and nearly 50 kinds are native residents in the U.S. While they are most common along coastal areas they also can be found in large populations inland, such as those around the Great Salt Lake in Utah.

Yellow-bellied sapsucker

Latin Name: Sphyrapicus sp.

These are native birds in North America. The Yellow-bellied sapsucker occurs throughout most of Canada, all of the U.S., and south into Mexico.

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