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Showing 5 types of FROGS AND TOADS

Bull frog

Latin Name: Rana catesbeiana

Latin Family Name: Ranidae

This frog is native to central and eastern U.S., but was deliberately introduced to western states of the U.S., such as California, where it is an invasive pest problem due to its enormous appetite and feeding on any other small animal, including many native frogs. It also has been introduced to Australia, Europe, South America, and eastern Asia where it causes similar problems in their natural environments.

Cane toad

Latin Name: Bufo marinus

The native range of this toad is South and Central America stretching north to southern Texas. In its native areas its density may be only 1% of that in areas where it has been introduced, such as in Australia where eradication efforts are ongoing. Many species of animals prey on the cane toad where it is native, but in introduced areas the predators are fewer and the toxic nature of the toad minimizes it even more. Many of the invasions in other countries were deliberate efforts to introduce the toad as a natural control for insect pests, most ending in failure as they did in Hawaii, where it was brought into the sugarcane fields. It also is present in Florida where its range is rapidly expanding northward.

Coqui frog

Latin Name: Eleutherodactylus coqui

Latin Family Name: Leptodactylidae

This is a native of Puerto Rico but now inhabits many islands in the Caribbean as well as Hawaii and southern Florida. In Hawaii it is classified as an invasive species and is considered to be damaging to the native animals on those islands.

Cuban tree frog

Latin Name: Osteopilus septentrionalis

This frog is native to the islands of the Caribbean and has been found in Florida since the 1920’s, presumed to have been carried there in shipping crates from the Caribbean. Since then it has colonized most of Florida and has been found in isolated incidents in South Carolina and as far west as Texas. It may hitchhike on ornamental plants as well as within vehicles.

Northern leopard frog

Latin Name: Rana pipiens

Native to the northern U.S. and southern Canada.

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