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Showing 5 types of RATS AND MICE

Cotton Rat

Latin Name: Sigmodon Hispidus

Latin Family Name: Muridae

Native to the United States, and now found from coast to coast in the southern half of the country. This species is one of many species in the genus, but it is the most important with respect to health concerns and damage to vegetation and crops.

Deer Mouse

Latin Name: Peromyscus Spp.

Latin Family Name: Cricetidae

55 different species of this genus are found in the U.S. and are native animals. They have gained notoriety in recent years due to the associations with Hantavirus (deer mice) and Lyme Disease (white-footed mouse), and 2 distinct species are generally given the two common names. Deer mice (P. maniculatus) are found throughout the U.S. except for the southeast, and the White-footed Mouse (P. leucopus) is found throughout the U.S. except for the West Coast states.

Meadow Mouse Or Vole

Latin Name: Microtus Spp.

Latin Family Name: Muridae

At least 84 species in this genus, with Microtus pennsylvanicus most prevalent east of the Rocky Mountains and north into central Alaska, and M. californicus most common in the western states. These are native animals.


Latin Name: Ondatra zibethica

These are native animals in North America and are found from the Arctic in northern Canada to Alaska and south throughout the U.S. and northern Mexico. They are found in every mainland state except Florida.

Wood rat

Latin Name: Neotoma sp.

Latin Family Name: Cricetidae

These are native rodents in the U.S. and occur throughout much of the country with the exception of the New England states and some areas around the Great Lakes.

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