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Showing 7 types of LICE

Body Louse

Latin Name: Pediculus capitis

Latin Family Name: Anoplura

Not known for certain, but this louse has been associated with humans throughout our history.

Chicken body louse

Latin Name: Menacanthus stramineus


Crab Louse

Latin Name: Phthirus pubis

Latin Family Name: Anoplura

CrabThese lice have been associated with humans for many centuries, and occur throughout the world.

Head Louse

Latin Name: Pediculus humanus

Latin Family Name: Anoplura

Not mentioned in the literature, but this human parasite is found worldwide and has traveled with humans throughout our history. Head lice have been found in prehistoric mummies.

Slender pigeon louse

Latin Name: Columbicola columbae

Unknown origin as it is found throughout the world along with its host birds, but possibly European as this is the origin of the common pigeon.

Spined rat louse

Latin Name: Polyplax spinulosa

Likely Asian in origin along with their rodent host animals.

Sucking Lice of Livestock

Latin Name: Haematopinus sp., Linognathus sp.

Uncertain origin, but likely imported to North America with the introduction of the host animals.

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