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Showing 7 types of WORMS

Cyst nematode

Latin Name: Heteroderidae

Some likely arrived in North America with agricultural products brought over with early settlers or more recent imports. Some likely are native nematodes in North America.

Dog tapeworm

Latin Name: Dipylidium caninum

The tapeworm is a ubiquitous parasite found throughout the world.

Horsehair Or Gordion Worm

Latin Name: Gordius Robustus

Latin Family Name: Gordiidae

These extraordinary nematodes are native to the United States, and they are parasites of large crickets.

Land Planarian

Latin Name: Bipalium Kewense

Latin Family Name: Platyhelminthes

Most species of land planarians in North America are imported. One serious pest species in Europe is native to the Australian region, and most often the mode of transport is thought to be potted foliage plants. Bipalium kewense is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia.

Lesion nematodes

Latin Name: Pratylenchidae

There likely are many native species of these nematodes and other brought into North America with imported plant materials.

Root knot nematode

Latin Name: Meloidogynidae

There are many species of root knot nematodes in North America, some likely native to this region.

The Earthworm

Latin Name: Lumbricus terrestris

Native to Europe but introduced to North America and now found throughout the continent.

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