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MBS1 Mouse Bait Station and Insect Monitoring Device (BLACK)

VM Products (Canada)

MBS1 Mouse Bait Station and Insect Monitoring Device (BLACK)

• NEW AND IMPROVED • Private label available • Made with 100% recycled heavy-duty plastic with 5 year UV additive • Environmentally friendly • Small, compact, economical and easy to operate • Low profile made to fit in tight spaces, 4.75”, height of 1.25”, and depth of 3.75” • Bait both mice and insects with same station • Replaceable insect tray available for purchase • Locking lid protects the bait from weather and other elements • Raised edges to limit unwanted entry • Use either vertically or horizontally • No unnecessary voids • Large bait area accommodates most bait • Metal securing rod works well with soft baits • Comes standard with a metal bait rod which locks securely into the station • Service label comes standard with the MBS-1 for easy documentation of servicing • Smooth surface for easy maintenance and cleaning • Stations can be secured to the ground or structures using the SA1 or the GA1 • Uses VM Products universal key

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Use with the MBS Label

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