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As a pest management professional, you have seen the extent to which rodent baiting situations can vary due to the environment, account sensitivity, or size of the infestation.  Not every rodent problem is created equal, and that’s why we have developed a wide variety of bait forms for you to add to your arsenal.  Take, for instance, a baiting situation that calls for a more weatherable bait form—whether the environment is wet, dry, freezing, humid, or hot, there are bait forms to accommodate almost any environment.  While meal baits offer a variety of textures and flavors which are good for finicky rodents, they are considered one of the least weatherable bait forms, especially in wet environments.  PMPs should be weary of using meal bait in wet and/or humid areas, because they absorb moisture and can spoil. On the other hand, a great choice of bait for wet and/or humid conditions is soft bait.  Not only does soft bait generally have great acceptance, but some, such as Contrac® Soft Bait, are made with saturated and unsaturated fats—making it both highly palatable and proven to not freeze, mold, or melt.  Soft bait is particularly advantageous to use when there are competing food sources in the area, such as at restaurants, and food manufacturing facilities. 

“What really separates Contrac® Soft Bait from other soft bait is that it uses a combination of saturated and unsaturated fats, which makes the bait really oily, but extremely palatable.  Another great thing about Contrac® Soft Bait is that the sachet makes contact with the bait, so rodents will chew through the paper.” –Sara Knilans, Regional Manager, Bell Laboratories, Inc.

In situations where there is not a heavily competing food source, you should find success using the most popular bait form: block baits.  Block baits are highly palatable and weatherable, they have edges to satisfy rodents’ desire to gnaw, and they are available in varying sizes to accommodate your baiting needs.   

“We sometimes call Contrac® Super Blox ‘Sewer’ Blox, because they’re very big and great for taking down rat infestations in sewers, and they come with a sewer wire.  The rats already have a water supply [in the sewers], so all they have to do is hang Contrac® Super Blox from the sewer wire” –Sara Knilans, Regional Manager, Bell Laboratories, Inc.              

Depending on the sensitivity of the account, you may need to take more precautions to assure bait security.  Block baits and soft bait can be safely secured in tamper resistant bait stations.  Rodent bait is sometimes individually thrown into crawl spaces and ceilings, or distributed in fields—this is a dangerous and illegal practice, because the bait can easily fall into the hands of children and non-targets.  Other bait forms are harder to secure than soft bait and blocks, such as pellet bait.  While pellet bait generally has good weatherability and acceptance, it can be translocated, leading to accessibility to children or non-targets.  Safe bait application should be a PMP’s first priority.  When using any bait form, always follow the label.


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