Maximize productivity, safety, and efficiency with the basal bark method


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Corteva Agriscience™ is committed to providing innovative vegetation management solutions for weed and brush control. Professional vegetation managers can count on Garlon™ RTU for simple, precise control of deciduous trees and brush in a convenient, ready-to-use package. 

Designed specifically to be applied as a basal bark treatment, Garlon™ RTU is the only ready-to-use basal bark and cut stump treatment product on the market. It works by penetrating the bark, entering the plant’s vascular system and moving to all growing points; resulting in full control of all target stems.

The basal bark method allows for a more selective and lower profile application than a typical foliar approach and provides year-round application flexibility. Because it doesn’t require incisions or injections to the bark of the tree, basal bark applications are more cost effective and less labour intensive than other selective stem treatments.

Three different treatment techniques can be used to apply Garlon™ RTU:

  • Streamline technique: This has proven to be the fastest and most-effective method of selective basal bark application.  Apply Garlon™ RTU in a 5cm band, 30-50cm above ground level.  If the stem is less than 8cm in diameter, treat only 1 side. For larger stems up to 15cm in diameter, Garlon™ RTU must be applied on 2 sides.
  • One-sided technique: This treatment is very effective on smaller stems and tough to control species. With the one-sided technique, the applicator applies Garlon™ RTU on at least one side of each stem, thoroughly wetting the lower 30cm – including the root collar area but not to the point of run-off.
  • Cut stump technique: This method is excellent for prevention of re-sprouting. It also reduces the need for repeated cutting of large diameter stumps of species that sprout from the base or sucker from roots.

The results are consistent for all basal bark techniques when done properly, extensive research demonstrates 90-100% control one year after a basal bark treatment of Garlon™ RTU. Crews using basal bark application can treat 1-2 hectares per person, per day. For industrial rights of way with lower density stands, productivity rates are even higher.

For use in targeted vegetation management forestry and right of way applications, Garlon™ RTU from Corteva Agriscience™ provides vegetation managers with an easy-to-use, highly-effective product for basal bark treatments with a low environmental profile and low impact.  

Why use Garlon™ RTU?

  1. Ready to use - Formulated to be used right out of the container, no mixing is required. It is designed for selective, direct stem application to woody species.
  2. Packaging - Comes in an innovative Jerribox, which is easy to pour and eliminates the need for traditional jug disposal.
  3. Year round - Ability to use any time throughout the year, as long as stems are dry.

As focus on environmental stewardship and total resource management continues to grow, basal bark treatments are an important way to meet these demands.  Maximize productivity, safety, and efficiency with Garlon™ RTU. To watch our short training video on how to properly apply Garlon™ RTU please visit


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