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Take control of your inventory process


Every month, owners and managers across North America lose countless hours to inventory tracking. But with our automated Inventory Manager tool, businesses are saving time and money while freeing staff to focus on what counts. How does this intuitive new system work, and how much can it streamline your operations? From small businesses to large, pest control business owners are seeing a positive impact the tool has made for their business.


Still not convinced? Keep reading to find out first-hand from industry professionals how Inventory Manager changed the way they do business.


How did Inventory Manager streamline Smithereen Pest Management Services?

As Director of Operations at Smithereen Pest Management Services, Sara McGuire needed a cost-and time-effective way to track inventory across 75 techs and multiple business offerings. She streamlined inventory across seven states. With Inventory Manager, it was easy. So when her Veseris rep Bill Dyra told her how our new Inventory Manager software could eliminate guesswork and slash monthly overhead, she was on board. “Now our service managers can see exactly what they’re buying and where everything is,” Sara says. “No more relying on manual spreadsheets that aren’t accurate in real-time.” With greater accuracy and efficiency, Sara’s team can focus on Smithereen’s growth: “Now we can direct our efforts to more important tasks. Inventory Manager was a game-changer!”


How did Inventory Manager help Rambo Total Pest Control during a global pandemic?

Rambo Total Pest Control owner Luke Rambo needed a smarter way to manage inventory. The old system of jumbled papers and spreadsheets was tying up his 10-person team, keeping them from focusing on the future of the growing business.

Then Luke discovered Inventory Manager from Veseris. The digital platform freed up hours of time by enabling Rambo service manager Chris Somers to easily track product usage, anticipate needs, and even develop training programs. “It’s a perfect inventory management system for us,” Chris says. “I can look at how, and how much, each technician is using products, then create a plan for further training and growth.”

And when the coronavirus struck, Inventory Manager allowed Luke and Chris to schedule staggered restocks for the safety of their team. “Our techs can do all their ordering — and Chris can authorize orders and manage inventory — from anywhere in the world,” Luke says. “Inventory Manager has been really helpful in streamlining our process.”


5 ways to streamline inventory management with UIM

So how does it work? Our web-based app gives you more control and insight with these five powerful features:

  1. Establish company-approved product selections

Manage what products are available to your team by branch, truck, or route.


  1. Set maximum and minimum inventory levels

Designate product limits at both the branch and truck level.


  1. Control reorder frequency and quantities

Automate your ordering schedule with preset schedules by day, month, or week.


  1. Track your technicians’ product use

Use built-in bar code scanning for improved inventory tracking and route budgeting.


  1. Reduce waste — and improve working capital

Drive efficiency and profitability by reducing inventory labor costs.


Stop manually tracking product stock and start streamlining your inventory process today — visit www.UIM2.com to get started.

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