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Orlando Plays Host to PestWorld 2018


October 24, 2018

More than 3,600 industry professionals from 65 countries journeyed to Orlando for NPMA's 85th annual convention and exposition.


ORLANDO, Fla. — More than 3,000 industry professionals from 65 countries journeyed to Orlando for PestWorld 2018, NPMA's 85th annual convention and exposition.

NPMA CEO Dominique Stumpf said it’s exciting for her to observe how PMPs share ideas and collaborate with one another. “We are indeed a community and we all give back in a meaningful way. There is always someone somewhere to help. We are a community." 

Stumpf encouraged PestWorld attendees to continue to share and create their own experiences, adding “We are all better when we work together for the growth of this industry.” 

Following Stumpf’s opening remarks, attendees heard from Ildem Bozkurt, head of professional pest management and vector control for the Environmental Science Unit of Bayer in the U.S.

Bozkurt took the opportunity to reflect on the host city’s most transformative figure: Walt Disney. One of the biggest reasons for Disney’s enduring success is that the company is always embracing the future, and is willing to transform, reinvent and harness advances in technology. It’s a theme throughout Disney’s storied past and it continues in the present. “Of course, it’s not just the entertainment industry that is being transformed by digital. It’s every industry, including ours. It’s every individual, actually,” Bozkurt said. 

One of the ways the Environmental Science team at Bayer is transforming itself is in the development of IoT-enabled technology that makes pest control more effective, and more sustainable. Bozkurt said Bayer is proactively responding to the new knowledge economy by creating smart tools and systems that will collect real-time data from multiple devices we use every day. “This data will provide instant business insights on the issues we are trying to solve. It has the power to make us more efficient, responsive, preventive and predictive and, in the end, far more effective at solving increasingly difficult problems.”

Bozkurt added that with this information and insights at our fingertips, “We can transform the way we apply insecticides or place baits and traps. Instead of using more product than necessary to ensure we’re thorough, our next step is creating tools that determine the perfect amount needed and exactly when and where it should be applied. We will record, analyze and know what control interventions are made and or needed.”

After Bozkurt’s opening remarks, she introduced the Opening Ceremony performers Street Breakz, who entertained attendees with a variety of street dancing, acrobatics and routines.

Attendees then made their way to a lively exhibit hall where they got first-hand demonstrations on the latest products and services from industry suppliers.


As part of the Opening Ceremony, Bayer's Ildem Bozkurt noted that every industry is being transformed by digital.

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