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Beetles Wood Boring

Showing 7 types of BEETLES (WOOD-BORING)

Ambrosia Beetles

Latin Name: Xylosandrus sp.

This is a native of Asia.

Golden Buprestid

Latin Name: Buprestis aurulenta

Native to North America

Platypodid Ambrosia Beetle

Latin Name: Platypus sp.

Latin Family Name: Platypodidae

Native to North America, with only one genus in the family in the U.S.

Telephone Pole Beetle

Latin Name: Micromalthis debilis

There is this single species of beetle in this family, and it is native to North America.

True Powderpost Beetles

Latin Name: Lyctus spp.

Latin Family Name: Bostrichidae

Species of powder-post beetles occur in many countries throughout the world, easily being transported in infested wood products.

Wharf Borer

Latin Name: Nacerdes melanura

Latin Family Name: Oedemeridae

Introduced from Europe and now found uncommonly throughout much of North America, particularly along waterfront areas. The beetles prefer to invade extremely wet wood materials, as may be found along waterways.

Wood-Boring Weevils

Latin Name: Euophryum sp.

Latin Family Name: Curculionidae

Probably native to the United States, but now found in many countries due to its transport in infested materials.

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