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Showing 8 types of MAGNOLIOPSIDA

Broadleaf Filaree

Latin Name: Erodium botrys

Introduced to the United States from the Mediterranean

Carolina Geranium

Latin Name: Geranium carolinianum

Native to the United States, and widely distributed in the United States.

Cutleaf Geranium

Latin Name: Geranium dissectum

Dovefoot Geranium

Latin Name: Geranium molle

A native of Europe, now widespread in North America.

Redstem Filaree

Latin Name: Erodium cicutarium

Native to Europe and Asia, now common throughout the world.

Roundleaf Geranium

Latin Name: Geranium rotundifolium

Introduced from Europe as a garden herb, and now found sporadically across the United States.

Smallflower Geranium

Latin Name: Geranium pusillum

Native to Europe, and found throughout the United States and southern Canada.

Whitestem Filaree

Latin Name: Erodium moschatum

Native to the Mediterranean, now widespread in the U.S.

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