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Product Details

Garlon XRT herbicide, in an advanced formulation for the professional vegetation manager, delivers highly selective control of deciduous trees and brush, and can be applied safely up to the drip line of desirable trees. WHY USE GARLON XRT? • Industry leading. Garlon XRT tank mixed with Gateway adjuvant provides superior control of deciduous brush. • Broad-spectrum control of deciduous trees and broadleaf weeds. • Application flexibility. Allows applicators to apply to the drip line of desirable species. • Safety. Garlon XRT has a favourable environmental profile.

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June Garlon XRT + Gateway Bundle

Earn 1500bonus points for each matching case purchased this June. To place and order, please call 1-866-572-8240 or click Buy Now on the product page.


  • Garlon XRT
  • Gateway adjuvant

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