Product Details

The design and performance of the Ketch-All ® Multiple Catch Mousetrap has earned it the title of “The World’s Best Mousetrap.” The Ketch-All ® operates without the use of harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around children and pets. It is efficient, often capturing several mice in one setting!

Additional Information

Place the Ketch-All® 1½" to 2" from and parallel to the wall, with either entrance hole facing the wall. The trap may also be placed with either end flush to the wall. The Ketch-All® uses a mouse's own curiosity as bait. Once the mouse enters either side of the tunnel opening, the hair trigger activates the paddle wheel and the mouse is "spanked"? into the cage compartment. Trapped mice attract other mice to the trap! Soon, the whole family of mice will be trapped with no bait, no mess and no poisonous chemicals, with the help of this simple catch and release trap that works every time.