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Product Details

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Esplanade is advancing weed control. Unlike anything else on the market, this pre-emergent herbicide features a new mode of action, providing effective, long-lasting control. Developed for the vegetation management industry, Esplanade is ideal for use around railway, roadsides, industrial sites and utility rights-of-way. Approved for control of: Black Mustard, Brome grasses including downy brome, ripgut brome, and cheat Barnyard grass , Giant foxtail ,Yellow starthistle , Green foxtail , Wild barley ,Italian ryegrass ,Wild oats , Large crabgrass , Kochia (Supression) , Yellow foxtail ,St. John’s wort , Medusa head , Wild mustard , Bluestem broomsedge , Common groundsel , Volunteer common rye , Field bindweed , Smooth Morning glory , Prickly lettuce ( suppression ) , Cudweed ,Redroot pigweed (Supression) , Dog fennel , Shepherd’s purse , Spotted spurge ,White sweetclover

Product Specifications

Active Ingredients:
Indaziflam 19.05% Propanediol 8%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
2 x 10L CASE 797011
4x1L L 791531

Approved Sites:

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