UnivarCA Tower Ad 934 B

Product Details

Specially designed package consists of 3 Boom Buster nozzles positioned on an electrically actuated arm mounted on the front bumper or deck of the spray vehicle. Each individually controlled nozzle will spray a different band width, yet all nozzles apply the same amount of spray per hectare at the same speed and pressure. All sprayer functions (individual nozzle operation, raising and lowering nozzle arm, etc.) are easily controlled from the in-cab console. Typical nozzle setup includes the 11 foot-260-11R, the 21.5 foot 375R and the 29.5 foot 437R, but others setups for various ranges are available.

Product Specifications

Bear River Enterprises/Evergreen Products
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
EA Each 788102
1X120-5R, 1X180-10R, 1X265R UNIT 794200
1X260-5R, 1X370R, 1X500R UNIT 794199
1X260-11R, 1X375R, 1X437R Each 793734
JTE 289 Univar Banner Ads 728x90
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