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Product Details

Developed for the industrial vegetation management industry. Esplanade® is ideal for use around railway, roadsides, utility rights-of-way and around farm buildings. Esplanade herbicide is advancing weed control. This total vegetation control (TVC) product is unlike anything else on the market; a pre-emergent herbicide that features a new mode of action, providing effective, long-lasting control.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredients:
Indaziflam 19.05% 1,2-Propanediol 8%
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
2 x 10L CASE 797011
4x1L CASE 791531

Approved Sites:

Additional Information

Attributes of Esplanade

  • Convenient and easy to use packaging
  • Odourless and non-staining to surfaces
  • Minimal PPE requirement as compared to traditional vegetation management herbicides
  • Up to 60 times less active ingredient on the ground compared to some competitive products. Delivers a more sustainable solution for you and your customers
  • Applied at low use rate 375 mL/ha and formulated as a 200 g/L suspension concentrate (SC)
  • Less post-emergent herbicide applications results in reduced labour and fuel costs
  • Up to 8 months residual control even under the most difficult conditions on over 33 weed species

Solutions for Tough Weeds

  • Superior broad-spectrum control of over 33 weed species, including annual grasses, broadleaf weeds
  • A single application of Esplanade herbicide will control giant foxtail, green foxtail and yellow foxtail
  • Unique mode of action helps manage herbicide resistance on key weeds

Weed Species Controlled

  • Black mustard
  • Barnyard grass
  • Shepherd’s purse
  • Wild mustard
  • Spotted spurge
  • St. John’s wort
  • Common groundsel
  • Medusa head
  • Field bindweed
  • Sweet clover
  • Volunteer common rye
  • Wild barley
  • Morning glory
  • Wild oats
  • Giant foxtail
  • Green foxtail
  • Italian ryegrass
  • Large crabgrass
  • Yellow foxtail
  • Annual sow thistle
  • Lamb’s quarters
  • Stork’s bill
  • Common sweetclover
  • Yellow starthistle
  • Bluestem broomsedge
  • Cudweed
  • Dog fennel
  • **Prickly lettuce
  • **Redroot pigweed
  • **Kochia

** Suppression only 375mL/Ha Application Rate

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