05212201 TorpedoEZ Tower 120x600 V2

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Discover the Simplest Rodent Monitoring Snap Trap System on the Market. The EZ Snap® Mouse utilizes the science of rodent behavior to maximize the speed and effectiveness of the rodent’s interaction with the station. Easily set and secure internal snap traps and let the Science of Force Flow guide rodents into the target zone.

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Key Points

  • Utilizes The Science of Force Flow science to maximize speed of entry.
    • Open floor and angled guide wall at entryway allow rodent’s head to enter the station while its feet remain on familiar ground.
    • Guide wall prevents rodent from going behind station, leading it inside instead.
    • Once the rodent is inside the station, it encounters a clear, shatterproof central wall that provides airflow and sight clarity to opposite side of station.
    • When the rodent is forced to stop at the central wall, an escape light at the front of the station draws them over the commitment wall, dropping them directly into the target zone.
  • Two removable, American-made snap traps are securely mounted inside station with proprietary locking mechanism, that reduce accidental trips and allows for easy cleaning or replacement.
  • Integrated snap traps allow the full force of the spring to be used during the kill
  • Equipped with two, dual-colored EZ Set indicator ties to allow user to safely set the traps externally and clearly show when traps have been tripped. Indicator tie is yellow when set and black when tripped.
  • Durable, low-profile construction is designed to be impact resistant and (shield snap traps from children and pets.) DO WE WANT TO SAY THIS?
  • Built with robust locking mechanism that keeps station secure while remaining easy to open and service. 
  • Durable, 100% American-made, from recycled plastic.
  • Private label available



  • 125” x 5.5” x 2.75”
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs.
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