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Product Details

The Havahart one door live animal cage trap has a patented design that assures you of quick. safe catches and releases. This trap's structure helps prevent injuries to you or the animal. This patented Havahart one door cage trap is constructed of sturdy rust-resistant wire mesh with steel reinforcements for long life and galvanized for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. Mesh openings are smaller than competing traps of comparable size to prevent escapes and stolen bait. Its patented design consists of a gravity action door and sensitive trigger to ensure quick, secure captures that target the specific animal size, eliminating undesired catches. Solid door and handle guard protect the user during transportation, while smoothed internal edges protect and prevent injuries to animals.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
32x10x12 Each 781610
42x15x15 UNIT 799658
16x6x6 Each 781580
24x7x7 Each 781609

Target Pests:

Additional Information

• Galvanized for rust resistance

• Durable-high tensile steel

• Smooth edges protect animal and consumer

• Made in the U.S.A.

16 x 6 x 6 - Ideal for trapping chipmunks, red squirrels, flying squirrels, weasels and rats.

24 x 7 x 7 - Ideal for trapping rabbits and skunks 

32 x 10 x 12 - Ideal for trapping armadillos, cats, groundhogs, muskrats, opossums and raccoons 

42 x 15 x 15 - Ideal for trapping Armadillos, Beavers, Cats, Dogs, Foxes, Groundhogs, Opossums, Raccoons

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