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Pattern Adjusts by Pushing/Pulling Forward Handle The 3381-0010 and 3381-0011 adjustable spray pattern guns are ideal for chemical spraying, wash down and other applications where adjusting between stream and cone spray patterns up to 1200 PSI and 30 GPM are needed. The 3381-0010 gun has a 17 in. barrel and 3mm nozzle The 3381-0011 gun has a 21 in. barrel and 4mm nozzle Product Features: Adjustable pattern spray guns, from stream to cone pattern Max PSI: 1200 PSI Max GPM: 25 GPM (3381-0010) or 30 GPM (3381-0011) Barrel Size: 17 in. (3381-0010) or 21 in. (3381-0011) Nozzle Size: 3mm (3381-0010) or 4mm (3381-0011) Inlet: 1/2" MNPT Note: There are optional spray tips available for these guns. To download a performance chart by spray tip, click here.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
3381-0010 Each 46663

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