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Canada’s Strongest Natural Area Mosquito Barrier Just one spraying will keep mosquitoes out of your yard and away from your home, 24 hours a day. Mosquito Barrier is non-GMO garlic juice. The North American grown garlic used in Mosquito Barrier is much stronger than any other garlic. Garlic has natural sulphurs, which repel mosquitoes. Spraying garlic to keep pests away is not something new; farmers and master gardeners have been doing it for many generations. While the odour of sprayed garlic juice becomes undetectable to humans within minutes, the mosquitoes will still detect it. Mosquitoes have extremely sensitive odour sensing antennae. If mosquitoes aren't in the yard, they can't get into the house, creating a true barrier. Dries in minutes, leaving NO odour Spray lawns, trees, bushes, patios, pool areas, golf courses & dining areas Use before weddings or other outdoor events Convenient Commercial size

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