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Product Details

Roundup WeatherPRO herbicide provides guaranteed performance for controlling the toughest weeds under challenging conditions. With proven results and a rainfast guarantee, Roundup WeatherPRO is a reliable solution for vegetation managers looking to control annual and perennial weeds along with woody brush in non-crop areas.

Product Specifications

Active Ingredient:
Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
CASE CASE 803950

Approved Sites:

Additional Information

Attributes of Roundup WeatherPRO

  • Active ingredient: glyphosate, 540 grams acid equivalent per litre, present as potassium salt
  • Consistent, unsurpassed weed control — even in variable conditions
  • Superior rainfastness, with a 30-minute rainfast guarantee
  • Proven vegetation management for railroad, pipeline, highway, power and telephone rights-of-way, petroleum tank farms and pumping installations, roadsides, storage areas, lumberyards, fence rows, industrial plant sites, parking areas, school yards, parks, golf courses and other public areas, airports, and similar industrial or non-crop areas
  • Enhanced efficiency, with up to 33% less product handling than most competitors
  • Convenient 10L, 800L pack sizes
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