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Product Details



The Workhorse Spot and Broadcast Sprayer is the perfect choice for weed control for gardens, driveways, ditches, ponds, pastures, orchards, and more. Depending on the model you can choose from sizes ranging 15 to 40 gallons in capacity. The included handgun comes with an adjustable spray nozzle allowing you to choose your spray path or be spot on with your treatment. Most Workhorse Spot and Broadcast Sprayers are designed to add various boom attachments for versatility in spraying. Built with the quality Workhorse is known for, these sprayers will provide the dependability needed season after season.

Product Specifications

Size Unit Of Measure Product Code  
WH-LG25DSS (25 GAL) Each 791627

Additional Information

Specific features include:

  • 15 to 40 Gallon Set-Ups
  • Durable Polyethylene Tank
  • 12 Volt Pump – 1 GPM or 2.2 GPM Pumps
  • 18” Spray Wand
  • Adjustable Spray Nozzle
  • 3/8” PVC Reinforced Spray Hose
  • Heavy Duty Manifold design
  • 8’ Universal Wiring Harness
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Chemical Resistant
  • RoundUp Ready

Ideal for spraying: Gardens, Driveways, Ditches, Ponds, Pastures & Orchards. And, It’s The Perfect Choice As An ATV Sprayer.

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