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May Rewards - Spray Assist products

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Restock your spray assist shelf this May

Earn triple points on Spray Assist products** and earn triple points. To place and order, please call 1-866-572-8240 or click Buy Now on the product page


  • Flat-Out (12x500 ml)
  • Halt (25x140 ml)

Drift retardants and utility modifiers

  • On Target (12x1L)
  • Pinestick non-ionic Spray adjuvant (4x4 L)

Odour retardants

  • Odour Mask (12x1 L)

Spray dyes

  • Hi Light Blue (2x9.46L)
  • Hi Light Blue (12x1QT)
  • Indicator Blue WSP (40x113G)

Tank cleaners

  • Clean-Out (4x4L)


**on select products this May. Available to eligible Rewards customers. All offers and prices expressed are subject to change without notice, at the sole discretion of Univar. Offers are available to Canadian customers only. Final discounts will not show on online orders, but will be reflected on the final invoice. 

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