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Aspen Poplar

A deciduous short lived tree, reproducing by both seeds and spreading roots (suckers). Aspen popular can be considered a problem weed due to the multiple sucker plants feeding off the mother plant and have been known to penetrate even sewer lines. Plants are either male or female.


• Aspen poplar is known by First Nations People as “the noisy tree” because of the sound of fluttering leaves

• The active ingredient in aspirin can be found in the inner bark.

• Aspen popular is one of the most common trees in North America..


Rounded with a small sharp tip, 3-7 cm long, and light to medium green in colour
Contained catkins, appearing like soft caterpillars hanging from branches. Blooming is completed before leaves emerge in spring.
Height can reach 30 meter. Trunk bark is smooth with light green coloring. Large trees can have black cracks in the bark at the base.
Common in dry or moist soils, but cannot tolerate shade.

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