Stewardship in Vegetation Management


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Stewardship in Vegetation Management  

After 50 years in vegetation management, we know the role of professional vegetation managers is not an easy one. Applicators must balance environmental impact with public perception, application safety with efficiency and how decisions made today can impact decisions of tomorrow—all in the name of stewardship. 

Corteva Agriscience™ is committed to delivering effective solutions for use on utility, roadside, rail and bareground Rights-Of-Way (ROW). Utilizing an Integrated Vegetation Management approach that includes herbicides not only promotes biological diversity and improves soil stability but also significantly lowers costs, improves safety for workers and the public, and promotes a longer right-of-way maintenance cycle. Here are a few tips to help applicators get the job done right. 


Selective herbicides are designed to control specific plant species. As part of an integrated vegetation management program, they allow for control of target plants without harming desirable species when used according to the product label. 


Choosing the right product for your specific vegetation management plan depends on your objectives; one solution may not fit all situations. The type of vegetation you are trying to control, how, when and why you want to control it in that particular area matters. Working with one of our Vegetation Management Experts will help you determine the most effective product(s) to incorporate into your vegetation management plan to ensure long-term success. 


Herbicides have been used to manage ROW for over 50 years and products are developed and tested with specific spray rates. While it may be tempting to alter the labeled rate, doing so can impact the effectiveness of the product and may not give you the results you want. Plus, it could lead to increased resistance susceptibility in the plants being treated. Our Sprayer Calibration Calculator assists IVM applicators in properly calibrating ground application equipment and provides them with guidance on how much and what order to put the products in the tank.  


The time of year that vegetation management plans are implemented can be critical to their effectiveness. A variety of factors must be considered, like weather, soil conditions and the growth stage of the plants being treated. Applicators should keep up-to-date records that detail when, where and which products were used during treatment, and be sure to start at a different location each year. 


The most effective vegetation management program is dependent on utilizing the appropriate application method (boom truck, backpack sprayer, etc.). For all cases, however, it is important to make sure the application equipment is properly calibrated. It is also crucial to maximize coverage by using recommended water volumes. 

We offer a variety of resources to ensure you are using the most effective application method. View some of our latest in the Garlon™ RTU Herbicide videos below:        


As a trusted industry expert, Corteva Agriscience places stewardship as a top priority. We are committed to providing vegetation management professionals with the products, tools and training that ensures sustainable, responsible and safe practices. As a long-standing industry supporter, we take great pride in continuing to be your trusted partner every step of the way. 

For more information about our current IVM solutions, visit or contact our Vegetation Management Experts


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