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This may sound a bit crazy, but a new research study showed that mice living in close contact with humans are smarter. They can solve puzzles and get to food faster than those not living alongside people. Part of this is because humans, going back thousands of years, have dealt with house mice. We have gotten better about storing our food and keeping it more “pest-proof.” We don’t store our grain in open clay pots; we store it in sealed plastic containers. Many of our foods come packaged in airtight packages that keep odors in. Mice have had to get craftier a...

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Knowledge of how and where to place traps can make or break your IPM.  Rodents aren’t limited in where they can travel—they are excellent climbers, jumpers, and swimmers, and they can gnaw through almost any material.  When conducting your inspection, keep an eye out for signs that indicate where rodents are traveling.  Sebum (rub marks), urine, feces, and gnaw marks are all great indicators of rodent run-lines/activity, and ultimately where you should be placing your traps.  Rodent run lines are not always in locations that are conventional or...

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By any standard, 50 years is a significant milestone in the life of a company. By that time, you have history, character and culture. And if you're an organization like Corteva Agriscience, you also have something else: a tradition of delivering groundbreaking new products that raise the bar on efficacy, efficiency and sustainability.   For over half a century, we have been honoured to partner with professional vegetation managers to preserve Canada’s utility, roadside, rail and bareground rights-of-way. Backed by a leading research pipeline, innovativ...

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Many environmental factors can impact the behavior of house mice. Availability of food, safe harborage points, predators, and more can positively or negatively affect their behavior and survival. An interesting new study looks at the effect of noise on house mice. The researchers played noise at 100 decibels for about four hours per day for 15 days. This level is slightly louder than shouted conversations, and not quite as loud as a car horn at close range. The sound was definitely about “normal” range even if you live in the heart of a city. What the researchers found ...

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Water Quality and Herbicide Applications   Water quality for herbicide applications is defined by its hardness, pH, alkalinity and turbidity.     HARDNESS AND pH   Hard water is classified by high concentrations of positively charged atoms (cations)1. Hard water can be problematic because these cations can bind to herbicides causing a decrease in efficacy of the product2. Most research looking at herbicide antagonism with hard water has found Ca2+, Mg2+, Mn2+, Na+ and F...

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The general public may have questions about vegetation management and its potential impact on pollinators. It can be difficult to answer questions if you are approached unexpectedly. To help vegetation managers and applicators manage these inquiries, here are a few key messages to convey if approached by a concerned citizen:    Why does vegetation need to be managed? Vegetation management is critical and necessary to control unwanted vegetation that may create a safety, health, occupational or environmental hazard. The safest and most cost-effe...

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  Resistance Management in Canada: Best Practices for Industrial Vegetation Management   As a professional vegetation manager, it is important to understand how weeds develop resistance and what strategies can be implemented to delay resistance.   Proper application and stewardship of vegetation management herbicides are essential to controlling target weeds and brush, and ensuring environmental, wildlife and human safety. Corteva Agriscience™ is committed to providing vegetation management professionals with the produ...

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Customer feedback is important for every pest control company because it allows pest management professionals (PMPs) to make adjustments that will help ensure customer satisfaction. Fortunately, technology makes it easier than ever for customers to rate their experiences. Brad Jenson, executive vice president of business development for Podium Corp., outlined at an industry software user conference earlier this year six ways to bolster the number of online reviews your company receives, and thus your overall online rating. The Lehi, Utah-based software platform ...

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More than 3.5 billion searches are made on Google every day. It is the most used search engine on the internet across all platforms, although alternatives include Bing and Yahoo. If you want your pest management company to be ranked high with Google, focus on the following:    1. Website optimization. In pest control, that means organizing your site by pest. Although your business goal may be recurring revenue, the customer’s initial call almost always is driven by a pest problem he or she currently is experiencing. That means recurring revenu...

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