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Veseris and LabelSDS.com Announce Exclusive Partnership  AUSTIN, TX and JACKSONVILLE, FL – October 25, 2021 – Veseris, North America’s largest distributor to the pest management industry, and LabelSDS.com, a leader in providing current product label and Safety Data Sheets (SDS), today announced an exclusive partnership to provide PestWeb.com and PestWeb.ca with all product labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) goi...

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  Take control of your inventory process   Every month, owners and managers across North America lose countless hours to inventory tracking. But with our automated Inventory Manager tool, businesses are saving time and money while freeing staff to focus on what counts. How does this intuitive new system work, and how much can it streamline your operations? From small businesses to large, pest control business owners are seeing a positive impact the tool has made for their business.   Still not convinced? Keep re...

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  As a long-standing partner of Bayer, we are pleased to announce that Veseris Canada is now the exclusive distributor of VisionMAX® ® Silviculture Herbicide®. VisionMAX® is a Group 9 herbicide that contains 540 g glyphosate as potassium salt and a unique surfactant mixture in a proven formulation. VisionMAX® is water soluble, rainfast within 30 minutes of application and has no residual activity. Veseris will be responsible for the sales and logistics of the product for the Canadian forest industry with three sales representativ...

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  "Reach out and touch someone"   Remember that advertising jingle from AT&T?   It premiered in 1979 and helped encourage a lot of people in the world to pick up the phone more often. And it worked. That was also about the same time my mother went to work for our local telephone company in my hometown of Rensselaer, Indiana where she was one of two or three ladies who worked in customer service and ran the front office until probably the mid-80’s. One of the perks of her job was ...

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Formerly a division of Univar Solutions, Univar Environmental Sciences has been sold to affiliates of AEA Investors.  With the ownership of AEA, the future remains bright for Environmental Sciences (ES), its customers and suppliers. AEA brings a solid understanding of the ES business and a strong appreciation and desire for growth through product distribution and services offerings across pest control and other specialty chemical markets. What hasn’t changed is the continued commitment and organizational focus on growing the business for customers and suppliers. &#x...

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