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Advertorial supplied by Bell Labs Inc.   As a pest management professional, you have seen the extent to which rodent baiting situations can vary due to the environment, account sensitivity, or size of the infestation.  Not every rodent problem is created equal, and that’s why we have developed a wide variety of bait forms for you to add to your arsenal.  Take, for instance, a baiting situation that calls for a more weatherable bait form—whether the environment is wet, dry, freezing, humid, or hot, there are bait forms to accommodate almost any en...

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Advertorail supplied by Bayer     THE PROBLEM When applied correctly, non-crop herbicides are useful and necessary tools to manage unwanted vegetation that can lead to safety, financial, and economic losses. However when applied incorrectly, non-crop herbicides have the potential to cause off-target injury to desirable vegetation. Training and education about proper herbicide performance can help eliminate these risks. This results in economic, aesthetic and environmental benefits to the treatment site.   THE SOLUTION ...

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