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Showing 8 types of ANTS

Argentine Ant

Latin Name: Linepithema humile

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

Thought to have arrived from Brazil in ships transporting coffee around 1891, and now found throughout North America, in Hawaii, and on most other continents throughout the world.

Carpenter Ants

Latin Name: Camponotus sp.

Many species of these ants are native to North America, with several species seemingly the most likely to invade structural wood members. There are many destructive species in the Pacific Northwest states, as well as from Florida to the northeast to the southwest and in Hawaii.

Crazy Ants

Latin Name: Paratrechina Sp.

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

Believed to be native to India, but now found throughout the world. It is most common in the U.S. from Florida to Texas along the Gulf Coast, but also occurs in other states from California to New York, as well as in Hawaii.

Little Black Ant

Latin Name: Monomorium minimum

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

Possibly a native of the United States, where it is found most commonly in the eastern half, but frequently in California as well.

Odorous House Ant

Latin Name: Tapinoma sessile

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

Native to North America, and found throughout much of southern Canada, all of the U.S., and into Mexico.

Pavement Ant

Latin Name: Tetramorium caespitum

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

Believed to originate from either Europe or Asia, but found commonly throughout the east coast states and California, and less commonly in the Midwest.

Pharaoh Ant

Latin Name: Monomorium pharaonis

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

It is believed to have originated in Africa, but spread to Europe, and from there spread to the United States. It now is found in many parts of the world including the U.S. and Canada, and is a pest in Hawaii. As a tropical species it is most common in the warmer southern states, but inhabits structures in northern areas as well.

Thief Ant

Latin Name: Solenopsis molesta

Latin Family Name: Formicidae

Not mentioned in literature, but this species is found throughout the United States as a common, indoor ant pest.

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